In 2023, there is a huge pressure on companies across all sectors to continue to build businesses and make money while also keeping abreast of modern cultural and scientific expectations. It is seen that today companies are competing to evolve as progressive future-proof workplaces and stay out of the set niche curve. Many employees’ friendly initiatives are enabling major transformation in setting the DNA of progressive places to work across the nation.

From Coping to Competing, Progressive workplaces highlights a shift in mindset for cutting the curve for trendsetting.

India as the nation, under the aegis of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi, aspires to be a 5 trillion-dollar economy by 2025, where transforming workplaces have been determining a crucial role in enhancing economic growth and contribution to economy.

McKinsey report backs to assert that in an ascending crowning business ecosystem, more than 95 percent of economic profit is contributed by the top 20 per cent of organisations that are working on innovating parameters for employee protection, trust, satisfaction, benefits, evolving DNA, cultural work-ecosystem, flexibility and newer approach and others.

The Progressive Places to Work 2023

by ET EDGE – A Times Group Initiative

In a bid to acknowledge and celebrate efforts by signature workplaces on their laudable innovations and evolution with focus on developing employee friendly culture, diversifying of benefit-oriented policies, promoting equitable work-culture, inclusivity of women in key-decision making and strategic role, building robust tech DNA, setting sustainable environment, and others.

The Progressive Places to Work 2023 is an effort to shine the strobe light on such top workplaces that have seized the unique unfreezing opportunity before them to imagine and create new systems and modes of organisation that are more flexible, integrated, resilient, and ultimately, more human.

The conclave will aim to accelerate some trendsetting progressive workplaces at the forefront, which integrates employee benefit, wellbeing, building a resilient, happy, and productive staff, and equality in business strategy and planning. It will also act as a powerful forum for shared learnings, cross-sectoral interaction, and analysis expertise to accelerate progress, delivered by proactive cooperation for scalable results.

Coffee Table Book 2023

The ET Edge has been instrumental in organizing discussions in forms of webinars, round tables, events, networking dinner across the year with stakeholders in the best workplaces and fem-tech sector. It now looks to acknowledge and recognize organizations who have opened new opportunities for themselves & their employees through our latest coffee table book “The Progressive Places to Work 2023.”

The coffee table book will celebrate the passion and hard work of the organization contributing to value led efforts. The progressive places to work felicitations are designed to acknowledge the effort made by organizations towards achieving the objective of creating an employee centric work environment.

Through this initiative, we aspire to include success stories of companies that have elevated their employees in a variety of ways, including providing employment stability, caring for emotional and mental well-being, and cultivating a resilient, cheerful, and productive workforce. This list aims to honour, recognise, and laud companies who have set the bar high when it comes to improving their workplace culture.

Key Topics

to be discussed

Workplace growth

Nurturing disciplined ecosystem for workplace growth

Opportunities at workplace

Enhancing equitable opportunities at workplace

Strategic decision-making

Adoption of women in strategic decision-making

Organisation policies

Diversifying organisation policies to practice

Identifying the levers

Identifying the levers of inclusiveness, employee engagement, cross-dimensional networking within organisation

Leveraging learning modules

Nurturing disciplined ecosystem for workplace growth


Nurturing disciplined ecosystem for workplace growth

Who Should Attend It


HR heads

Learning and Development Heads

Strategic Decisionmakers

Tech Innovators

Chief People Officers

Talent Heads

CEOs COOs and others

CIO and CDO and CTO

Criteria of Recognition

  • Organization must have an operational office(s) in India for a minimum of 3 years as of September 2023
  • Organisations that provide proper compensation and related benefits to their employees i.e Incentives, bonuses etc
  • Organization that provides skill, career development and training for their employees
  • Organization that gives strong emphasis on nurturing holistic employee wellbeing
  • Organization that actively advocate for and support healthy work-life balance among their employees
  • Organization that promotes gender diversity at all organizational level, fostering inclusion and equality
  • Organization that has maternity benefits to their women employees along with other health benefits
  • Organizations that implement robust policies and programs to proactively prevent sexual harassment
  • Organizations that have policies & and initiatives for promoting employee safety
  • Organizations that promote Open door Policy
  • Organizations that have re-engineered their operations model by mastering digital transformation


Chandini Kamal

Global Head - Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Engagement & Experience, Wellness, Rewards & Recognition, HCL Technologies

Dr D Prasanth Nair

CHRO, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals

Manmeet Sandhu

Head of HR, PhonePe

Parmesh Shahani

Head Godrej DEI Lab, Godrej Industries

Shri Om Prakash Mishra

DMD(HR)& CDO, State Bank of India

Vikramjeet Singh

President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company


As the concept of progressive workplace is diving deep to explore the value of optimum, immense scope trails behind for exploring ocean of opportunities. Best workplaces across the globe have been implementing human-centric approach for enabling employees to escalate at individual level. The most progressive workplaces across are shifting their complete focus on purpose and value over mere profit making. The session will focus on decoding strategic leadership viewpoint on bringing in effective approach towards building a culture of growth within the organization.

Indicative Talk Points –

  • Human-centric approach, enhancing employee employer relationship.
  • Shifting focus from profit-steered growth to purpose and value enhancement
  • Empowering employees to leverage personal growth beyond organizational growth.
  • Creating an employee friendly environment

DE&I has taken a larger role in corporate strategic planning. In talking about diversity, the tendency might be to limit it to gender and race. From the perspective of a Progressive organization, diversity has other dimensions. The dimensions of diversity are more today than they have ever been, and the likelihood is that these dimensions will increase as the future unfolds. Age, Race & Ethnicity, Unconscious Bias, Gender, Sexual orientation, Disability are among the top issues companies are working on, but workplace diversity is a lot more then these issues alone.

Indicative Talk Points –

  • Not just talking the talk, but walking the walk: Incorporating key DEI initiatives into the fabric of organization
  • Setting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Goals
  • Why D&I should be a priority to the C-level?
  • What are the major roadblocks to sustainable DEI
  • Developing a measurable and achievable D&I strategy to generate revenue

Indicative Talk Points –

  • Preparing for economic uncertainties: Reflecting on the unpredictable nature of today’s job market
  • Adapting to the changing work landscape and New Work Models
  • Recognizing signs of employee disengagement and burnout
  • Insights on why organizations must navigate these workforce trends effectively
  • Maintaining a positive company culture and minimizing negative effects on remaining employees
  • Cultivating authentic and compassionate leaders
  • Attracting and retaining multigenerational talent

Have you ever missed a deadline because you pushed off a big project for too long? Have you ever become frustrated at one of your direct reports for not completing a project according to your guidance? Self-management is a critical workplace skill. Imagine an environment where the majority of those working within it were unable to stay on task, on strategy, and on schedule. That would make it very challenging to complete projects.

Indicative Talk Points –

  • Self-management and its relevance in today’s evolving workplace
  • How self-management empowers individuals to take ownership of their work
  • Leadership & Self-Management

The hectic pace of modern life has contributed to a rise in anxiety and depression. As awareness of mental illness and workplace stress has grown, there have been more calls for self-care and employee wellness. Today, it’s more important than ever to follow workplace wellness trends. Employers will probably invest more in programmes that emphasize health and wellbeing in the future years, and employees will probably prioritize self-care more.

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The Progressive Places to Work 2023 is an effort to shine the strobe light on such top workplaces that have seized the unique unfreezing opportunity before them to imagine and create new systems and modes of organisation that are more flexible, integrated, resilient, and ultimately, more human.

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