Roadmap for Data security awareness: Cyber, Cloud, Enterprise

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and few minutes of cyber-incident to ruin it.”  
– Stephane Nappo

Data is the most vital, critical, and fragile part of every organization. There are multiple adjectives used to express the importance of data, but with its importance comes the need to protect it. As rightly said by Stephen Nappo, Data Security has the power to break the centuries-built reputation of organizations that lack protection it.

NASSCOM reports that despite having the largest IT talent pool in the world, India simply lacks skilled Cybersecurity Professionals. In fact, the need for experienced professionals is so high that companies are willing to pay a premium salary of over Rs 1.5 to 4 crore to top talent.

Some of the most challenging areas in the Cybersecurity Market to be protected from cyber stacks are Ransomeware, IOT, Cloud, Phishing, Blockchain and cryptocurrency, software vulnerabilities, AI/ML, BYOD policies, insider attacks and Outdated hardwares.

Cybersecurity is practically a matter that each organization must tackle. With the increasing rate of risks and awareness, especially after the 2019 global pandemic, has immensely grown. The challenge is big and it needs the best – top level strategic planning. With the work from home, scattered workforce and investment challenges faced by almost every industry during the pandemic, the cybersecurity challenges took a huge jump. However, even with the increased number of cyberattacks, the market is showing great hopes of strong growth.

Global Revenue Comparison

IT being one of the fastest growing sectors, has its contribution to India’s GDP from 1.2% in 1998 to almost 10% in 2019. The value of India’s data security market in 2019 amounted to over eight billion Indian rupees. This was estimated to reach 21 billion rupees by 2025. This marked a CAGR of over 16 percent between 2020 and 2025. Similarly, with the rapidly growing IT industry, growing on everyday basis, some of the most important industries are BFSI, Manufacturing, and Ecommerce being some of the fastest growing sector, raised the need of the question “IS DATA Secure?”.

The questions lead to answers understanding factors like what are the top trends to retain the data, How Data Breach should be stopped etc. In the cases where the answer leads to secure data, the next important factor is How to monetize your data. The conversation then leads to understanding why security technologies like DLP (Data Loss Prevention), Intrusion Detection & Prevention systems, Firewall systems are important for every company.

To answer all these unanswered questions and with time, its rapidly changing answers, The Economic Times presents Security Tech Summit 2022, which will not only be discussing the major areas of importance of data but would also be coving the security for major industry. Join us at The Economic Times Security Tech Summit 2022, to unleash answers to the most important and relevant questions for leaders to think about in order to manage Data Security, create awareness around Enterprise, Cyber and Cloud Security.

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