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India’s Impactful CXO

A fundamentally new model of industrial organization, led by some by pioneering CXO, is taking shape in India—one that goes beyond incremental efficiency gains to deliver transformative change but evolves into a new B2C approach—Business to Climate.

With the pandemic exposing the fault lines in the existing, it has become amply clear that the new normal needs to be more inclusive, secure, and sustainable. Reimagining the future, therefore, requires a rethink of strategies and setting an agenda for action that addresses the core challenges of livelihood creation, poverty alleviation, and societal equity, even while ensuring that environmental challenges are addressed.

Profit maximisation and sustainability will have to be mutually complementary goals. This will require a pivotal swing from the current mode of gradualism to a big-bang approach anchored on sustainability and innovation.

The role of CXOs in leading the change and in transforming their business is crucial. They are the flag bearers of purpose and values in the organization leading through personal example. While the role of a CXO is extremely fulfilling and often enviable, it could also at times get lonely. Never does one feel that more than when it comes to one’s own development. It is therefore important to track down the transitions for understanding the evolving dynamics of CXOs.

The CXO Summit in September 2023 in Goa will honour and bring together the top 100 industry-leading CIOs, CFOs, CMOs, CHROs and CTOs to share insights, expertise, and experience on profitability, new business models, innovation, and sustainability.

The Summit is a two-day residential getaway that’s carefully crafted as an opportunity to meet 100+ industry leaders in an informal setting and a mode to rejuvenate and connect beyond the humdrum of city-work life. The summit aims to bring this community of leaders together for a transformational two-day experience in the backdrop of the picturesque setting of Goa beach.

The two-day residential event will comprise a host of fun-filled activities like a monsoon walkathon, theatre workshop, and mindfulness to energize the spirit of today’s leaders. The atmosphere throughout the event will be light and cheerful as the leaders will take part in indoor and outdoor activities, and attend in person-meetings, masterclasses, and brainstorming sessions. Our endeavor is to curate the most exotic experiences for the leaders, who deserve it for their untiring efforts to grow a business by leaps and bounds.


Sep 29 - 30 2023


12:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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