By 2070 India will achieve Net Zero emissions

By 2030 Indian economy’s energy intensity will reduce by 45%

A billion tonnes of carbon will be removed by India by 2030

Renewable energy will contribute 50% of India’s energy requirements by 2030

India’s non fossil energy capacity will be 500 GW by 2030

Net Zero Timeline

The transition to a sustainable economy by keeping these things in mind will require new collaborations with customers, communities, competitors and peers, to harness and deploy new innovations.

Net Zero Tracker

Net zero will be an economic, business and people transition. This is why tracking companies Net Zero targets is an important ask. Our research shows many interesting insights.

Product and Services

We are building a repository for the community. Share your products and services that enable the Net Zero transition.

The Net Zero Podcast

The podcast will feature people, technologies and other emerging themes. Coming soon!