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22nd September, 2022

22nd September 2022


Taking the people-first approach

The Economic Times Employee Excellence Summit 2022 will acknowledge and celebrate great employers and workplaces. The event will be graced by CEOs, CHROs and other business professionals from over 20 industries. This Coffee Table Book aims to bring you an opportunity to interact with leaders from across the globe who have successfully built and sustained High-Trust, High-Performance Cultures in their organizations. These leaders have not just been able to survive during these challenging times but have also created workplace cultures that inspire innovation.

The Economic Times Excellent Employers of India is the destination for leaders and senior professionals to learn from the best and network with those who have created great workplaces that deliver sustained business performance. It is also the hub of inspiring and motivating stories from global leaders who will be sharing their expert knowledge.

The event will also detail success stories of companies that have helped their employees grow in a variety of ways by providing employment stability, caring for emotional and mental well-being, providing leadership roles and more. This list aims to honor, recognize, and laud companies who have set the bar high when it comes to improving their work culture.

The Economic Times presents

Employee Excellence Summit 2022

“You can’t be the best place to buy, if you are not the best place to work”- Jay Baer

Great companies identify something larger than transactions to provide purpose and meaning.  Organizations today have realized the importance of building a culture of care and this has been reflected in the investments they are making in enhancing the employee experience, with the people front and center. Building such a culture takes time and must be nurtured carefully over the years into a lifestyle that gets ingrained into the very DNA of the company.

The foundation of a great workplace is a culture of trust and involvement that unifies management and employees in a shared vision that isn’t only about achievement, but also reflects the sort of company an employer wants to be. Leaders who are devoted enough to give time and attention to never-ending efforts that are required to build and sustain a strong culture. Obtaining the designation and title of “Employee Excellence” puts you in charge of attracting, employing, and retaining the best employees. It’s not an easy position to achieve or maintain, though; it takes a deliberate and planned strategy that begins with knowing what individuals value most when determining the environment, they want to work in.

Going the extra mile to Achieve, Accomplish and Triumph

ET takes on the tricky challenge to measure the success of a brand either
by segregating them by sector or the market position they occupy. The
series aims to identify and jettison stellar brands for customers.

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    Brand Books
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    Brands Felicitated
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Here are some things that excellent employers believe in

Taking the people-first approach

Changing role of the HRs

Workplace dynamics have developed over time, and the epidemic has increased the rate at which they have evolved. Diversity and inclusion are the most significant topics on HR agendas these days. Businesses must ensure to treat their employees with respect and compassion.

Organizations are realizing the need for workplace diversity and are therefore providing equal opportunities to all workers. This not only promotes the employees’ personal development, but also instils a sense of belonging in them, improving overall productivity. It also helps to enhance their self-esteem.

HRs’ roles have been greatly impacted by the altering boundaries of employee engagement and the increasing focus on employee well-being and happiness. They play a crucial role in shaping a company’s culture. In the changing condition of work dynamics, they must constantly be adaptive, people-centric, and aid in inspiring employees.

Brands Felicitate in Past
Going the extra mile to Achieve, Accomplish and Triumph

Promising Brands 2022

The Economic Times Promising Brands Conclave is an effort to shine the strobe light on organisations that have strived to serve their customers in the best possible way. The platform, via standalone addresses, fireside chats and roundtable discussions, will focus on delving deeper into understanding how these companies have succeeded in contributing to an enjoyable customer experience.

This evening will bring together the marketing gurus, brand custodians, brand owners, best creative leaders from the marketing fraternity on one platform to celebrate the Promising Brands and engage in the most candid knowledge exchange platform to understand the nuances of successful brands.

Who Should Attend?

Why Attend?

  • Share best practices followed by innovative and employee-friendly companies
  • Meet and greet passionate Human Resources leaders from across the country
  • Learn about the practices followed by the best workplaces
  • Inclusive session that will enable attendees to interact and engage with industry experts through interesting and thought-provoking discussions
  • Case studies of how employee-centric companies are outperforming in their industry
  • Opportunity to make Meaningful Connections
The Economic Times Promising Brands Conclave

Coffee Table Book 2022

The Economic Times Most Promising Brands Conclave Coffee Table Book will include success stories of companies that have elevated their customers in a variety of ways. What people want changes depending on circumstance and the product or service in question. And once it’s been cracked, the key to winning the loyalty of existing customers and the patronage of new ones is worth its weight in gold, because it’s that path of new customers becoming additional repeat revenue that is your road to success and sustainability.

The Economic Times Promising Brands 2022 is a coffee table collection, a book that is the result of an endeavor to get the top promising brands that have shown the muscle to survive and thrive, even expand. In this brand book, we study the very genetic fiber of these Promising Brands. What sets these brands apart? What creates niche identity in the mind of consumers and enhances recall value? What are the latest innovations that have left a lasting imprint on consumer’s minds? What makes these brands…Promising Brands?

Program Schedule

10:10-10:15Opening Remarks by ET Edge
10:15- 10:30

Global Outlook on Green Employment, Skills Development & Workers’ Protection – Where do we stand?
There are numerous worldwide issues that are emerging today. This, in addition to increasing inequalities between and within countries, hampers the efforts to make labour markets more inclusive, sustainable and resilient. The pandemic is still a concern for the global labour market, and it is also being compounded by issues with climate change, technology advancement, and demographic changes.

  •  Making labour markets more inclusive, sustainable and resilient
  • Green employment a key to low-carbon sustainable development
  • Making employees future-ready in the face of digitalization, demographic shifts and decarbonization.
  • Developing skills for a resilient recovery and protecting workers’ rights in new forms of employment
10:30- 10:50

Eliminating Harassment in the World of Work: The Right Time is Now!
One of the pitfalls of the fast-evolving modern organizations is the occurrence of harassment in these spaces. Though legislations and company policies exist, employees find it difficult to report such activities and there aren’t enough avenues to take such cases to a logical conclusion in most of the cases. The session will suggest improvements and discuss how organizations and leaders can establish a secure and equitable workplace.

  • Carry out a workplace risk assessment that includes hazards and risks of violence and harassment and take measures to prevent and control them.
  • Sustaining a respectful work environment by upholding the highest
    standards of conduct and applying necessary confidentiality measures.
  • Ensuring adequate resources are available to promote a positive work
    environment and to prevent inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.
  • Providing appropriate mechanisms to prevent or deal with retaliation related to the reporting of allegations of  harassment.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: Offering employees a sense of belonging
Not only DE &I a move in the right direction morally, but it is also wise from a recruiting and company growth standpoint. As many as 57% of employees believe their companies should improve diversity among the internal workforces. Furthermore, an increasing body of evidence suggests that organizations that maintain their values and commitment to employees during economic hard times are the ones that continue to thrive.

Discussion Points:

  • How to foster diversity in the workplace
  • Incorporating DE &I into hiring practices and beyond
  • DE&I Built in, Not Bolted on, for Sustained Progress
  • Preparing for the Rising Demand for Neurodiverse Talent
  • Shifting Mindsets, Behaviors and Practices for Enduring Change
  • Inclusion and Purpose-Driven Organizations
  • A Hybrid World and the Impact on DEI
11:45-12:05Tea & Networking Break
12:05- 12:20

Upskilling and Reskilling: Future of Workplace L&D
In a recent study, PwC found that 79% of CEOs regularly worry about their workforce’s existing skills and their ability to meet dynamic workplace needs. With employees looking for a sharp
growth curve and organizations facing continuous change triggered by ongoing digital transformation, it’s important to rethink learning and development (L&D) in the workplace.

Discussion Points:

  • Uncover skill gaps and current capabilities
  • Developing effective training programs
  • Learn, Unlearn, and Re-learn: Strategies for knowledge Retention
  • Strengthening soft skills
  • Leveraging Technology for skill building and hyper-personalized learnings
  • Visualizing L&D for the next decade
Decoding the Bear vs Bull Market: How should your profitable portfolio look like?
This session on stock markets will assist you in eschewing conventional approaches and embracing a novel approach to stock analysis that will enable you to make intelligent investments and trade with more assurance regardless of market conditions.

Can innovation in the business model help in expanding your business canvas?
Many business leaders realised early in the epidemic that their organization’s capacity for  digital innovation will define its capacity for rapid situational adaptation. This understanding has aided in accelerating employee and customer adoption of digitization projects. The leaders around the globe had to consider alternate sourcing possibilities, evaluate changing consumer preferences, and, in certain cases, figure out how to survive while dealing with a growing global health catastrophe. The session will focus on:

  • Why is it important to have innovation in the business model?
  • Key advantages of increasing the use of digital products and services while digitizing fundamental corporate procedures and processes.
  • Rapid adoption of next-generation technologies and new approaches to set a precedent for organisations to navigate future cycles of challenge and prosperity.
  • Establishing a flexible business and workforce plan.
  • Will cultural connectedness be the next big thing?
  • Moving beyond an individual development focus to a collective
    leadership capability development and performance improvement.
Empowering Employees: Creating Laws to protect Employee interests in the backdrop of Global Challenges
13:15- 13:20Unveiling of the Coffee Table Book
13:20- 14:05 Felicitation Ceremony
14:05-14:10Closing Remarks by ET-Edge
14:10 Onwards Lunch


Arvind Laddha

CEO, Mercer India

C. Jayakumar

Executive Vice President & Head – Corporate Human Resources (CHRO), Larsen & Toubro

Dagmar Walter

Director, ILO Decent Work Technical Support Team for South Asia and Country Office for India

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Going the extra mile to Achieve, Accomplish and Triumph

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