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How DevSecOps is leading towards Software Supply Chain Security

The CXO leadership Dinner sessions scheduled in August across Bangalore & Mumbai will be a momentous high level gathering of Technology & InfoSec leaders across industries to discuss the growing importance of DevSecOps practices in bolstering supply chain security.

In the process of software development organizations undergo various steps to secure their applications from the attackers who also have developed more advanced and creative methods. Digital transformation has become an existential requirement for almost all enterprises. Such transformation includes three significant motions: more software, cloud technologies and DevOps methodologies.

Cloud means use of newer technologies that introduce different risks, change faster, are more publicly accessible — eliminating or redefining the concept of a secure perimeter. It also means many of the IT and infrastructure risks are moved to the cloud, and others are becoming purely software defined, reducing many risks while highlighting the importance of permission and access management.


Aug 03 2023


6:30 pm - 6:30 pm




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